Healing & Recovery for Sexual Assault

IWAV’s Sexual Assault Support Services (SAS) program has been running for nearly three years! With funding from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, we have been able to provide support for sexual assault survivors in the form of crisis management, counselling, and navigating the health and legal systems.

We’ve also produced many resources for the general public, our latest being a comprehensive toolkit for survivors. The toolkit covers many issues that survivors face in their healing journeys, including an overview of:

  • how trauma affects the brain and body,
  • what to expect during medical and forensic exams,
  • how the legal system handles sexual assault cases,
  • and more.

Family and friends of survivors will also find the toolkit helpful in supporting their loved ones through an extremely difficult time.

The most important takeaway from the toolkit? Healing from sexual assault takes time, but it is possible! Healing takes many forms, and everyone’s version is different. We hope sexual assault survivors find their own unique path to healing with this new resource. Thanks for reading!

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