Grow For It Seeds

Growing food and community!

“Grow For It” is a gardening program that produces vegetable, flower and herb seeds using organic practices. Seeds are hand-selected for quality before being packaged and sold in various locations on Salt Spring Island. View our seed selection.

The “Grow For It” program at IWAV’s second stage housing is a social enterprise that provides participants with educational, therapeutic and employment opportunities related to horticulture. Participants in this program are women and children who have been impacted by gender-based violence.

Our second stage housing program relies entirely on private donations and revenue from the Transitions Thrift Store. The proceeds from the seed sales support the continuation of our on site gardening program and provides fresh produce for our resident to enjoy. Thank you for your support.

Buy Seeds at:

Transition Thrift Store, Mon. to Sat. 10-4
Salt Spring Tuesday Market, Tuesdays, 1:30-5:30, June to October 2024

Grow For It is looking for volunteers! Please email Sarah for more information.

Email Cedars if you wish to buy seeds through mail order or are interested in a wholesale order for your store.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day that also supports your community?


Bellezia | Diplotaxis tenufolia

$4.50 / pkg

Dark green upright plant with deeply lobed leaves. Can be grown as a perennial year round and does well in hot and cool weather. Also known as “Wild Arugula.” 50 days to maturity.

Bush Bean
Tiger’s Eye | Solanum lycopersicum

$4.50 / pkg

Tigers Eye is a very versatile heirloom bush bean that has a smooth texture and rich flavour. These beautiful beans have a season of 80 to 90 days and dry quickly on the plants making them useful for shorter seasons. Great for chilis or refried beans.

Koral | Daucus carota

$4.50 / pkg

Cylindrical roots that are a deep orange. Great flavour and excellent for juicing. 75 days to maturity.

Pink Plume | Apium graveolens

$4.50 / pkg

Rare heirloom celery that can be eaten throughout the winter with proper mulching. Beautiful pink–purple stems that grow a bit smaller than typical celery but pack lots of flavour. 80 to 90 days to maturity.

Early Fortune | Cucumis sativus

$4.50 / pkg

White spine cucumber growing up to 8” long and 2” in diameter. Great for pickling and slicing and very dependable producer. 55 days to maturity.

Grand Forks Siberian | Brassicus napus

$4.50 / pkg

Very hardy kale that can be easily overwintered. Seed in June or July for winter harvest. 50 days to maturity.

Bandit | Allium porrum

Very cold hardy variety that has blue-green leaves and thick stems. Sow March to mid-June and harvest in the spring. 120 days to maturity.

Butter Crunch | Lactuca sativa

$4.50 / pkg

Slow to bolt bibb lettuce with a sweet and crunchy texture. Buttercrunch produces compact dark green heads. 40 to 50 days to maturity.

Jericho | Lactuca sativa

$4.50 / pkg

Very heat tolerant heirloom romaine lettuce that can withstand the summer heat. Light green leaves with crisp and sweet flavour that make for a great Cesear salad. 40 to 50 days to maturity.

Landis Winter | Lactuca sativa

$4.50 / pkg

Butterhead lettuce that produces soft leaves with excellent flavour. Very cold tolerant and can even grow throughout the winter. 40 to 50 days to maturity.

Three Heart | Lactuca sativa

$4.50 / pkg

Tasty and cute as buttons, this butterhead lettuce produces tender greens that mature quickly. The small leaves work well in salad mixes. 40 to 50 days to maturity.

Lovage | Levisticum officinale

$4.50 / pkg

Celery-like perennial plant that can grow up to 7’ tall. Adds celery flavour to soups, stews and salads. Harvest in spring before the plant becomes bitter and allow for up to 1 m of space between other plantings.

Sugar Snap | Pisum sativum

$4.50 / pkg

Crisp, sweet pods that be cooked or eaten raw as a snack. These peas need to be trellised and will grow up to 6′ tall with proper support. 58 days to maturity.

Bottle Rocket | Capsicum annuum

$4.50 / pkg

Thai-type cayenne pepper that bears fruit even in cooler summers. Small slender fruits around 4” long with fiery heat. 90 days to maturity.

Bel Fiore | Chicorium intybus

Beautiful deep pink speckled butterhead. Grows best in cool weather but can be grown year-round. Mild radicchio flavour. 52 days to maturity.

French Breakfast | Raphanus sativus

$4.50 / pkg

Crisp, sweet pods that be cooked or eaten raw as a snack. These peas need to be trellised and will grow up to 6′ tall with proper support. 58 days to maturity.

Honeynut Butternut | Cucurbita moschata

$4.50 / pkg

Mini butternut squash 4 to 5” long that has exquisite taste. Fruits ripen late but can continue to ripen after storage. 100 days to maturity.

North Georgia Candy Roaster | Cucurbita maxima

$4.50 / pkg

Unique heirloom Hubbard squash. Its sweet taste and smooth texture make great soups and pie filling. 100 days to maturity.

German Striped | Solanum lycopersicum

$4.50 / pkg

This heirloom tomato produces large juicy tomatoes that have a beautiful marbled red and yellow colour. They hold their shape well for slicing and have an excellent fruity flavour. Indeterminate type. 80 days to maturity.

Orange Strawberry | Solanum lycopersicum

$4.50 / pkg

Beautiful orange heart-shaped fruits that are great for slicing. Great flavour and big producer — this tomato does not disappoint. Indeterminate variety. 80 days to maturity.

Striped Roma| Solanum lycopersicum

$4.50 / pkg

Striking golden striped tomato with robust and sweet flavour. Great to eat sliced but most appreciated in sauces and salsas. Indeterminate variety. 80 days to maturity.

Thornburns Terra Cotta | Solanum lycopersicum

$4.50 / pkg

Golden orange outer flesh with beautiful marbled green inside. Medium-sized tomato that produces high yields. Great for slicing or sauces. Semi-determinate that requires some staking. 80 days to maturity.


Pacific Beauty Mix | Calendula officinalis

$4.50 / pkg

Edible and medicinal semi-double flowers that grow to 24″ tall. Beautiful range of apricot, cream, gold and yellow flowers.

Soraya | Helianthus annus

$4.50 / pkg

Branching sunflower that can produce up to 20 stems per plant in a season. Excellent for cut flowers with sturdy stems and 4 to 6” blooms. Grows 5 to 6’ tall. 85 to 95 days to maturity.


Elecampane | Inula helenium

$4.50 / pkg

Tall perennial herb that produces sunflower like flowers. Medicinally the strongly scented roots are used for coughs and lung conditions. Sow seeds with very minimal coverage and expect germination in 2 weeks.

Mother’s Day Seed Packs

Looking for a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day that also supports your community? Grow For It Seeds is offering Mother’s Day Seed Packs!

The seed packages includes 5 seed varieties (tomato, lettuce, celery, peas and radish) all grown locally using organic practices in IWAV’s garden program.

Add a personalized message to be included in the gift on a postcard, along with information about our Grow For It program.

Seeds packs are now for sale at the Transitions Thrift Store as the date for mailing to moms has passed.