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What is Abuse?

Do you ever experience this?
A partner who…

Tells you they love you, but puts you down

Makes you feel bad about yourself

Says it’s your fault if they get angry

Makes you feel crazy or afraid

Keeps you from seeing your friends or family

Is jealous and possessive

Forces or pressures you to drink or take drugs

Destroys your personal belongings or talks about it

Promises to change, but the abuse keeps happening

Drives fast or recklessly to frighten you when you’re in the car

Controls your finances, makes you account for every penny spent

Threatens you or your children

Hurts your pet or talks about it

Threatens, slaps, shoves, hits or restrains you against your will

Emotionally or physically forces you to have sex or unprotected sex

Threatens you with weapons

If you experience any of these things, remember that help is available.


Contact an Outreach Worker

Telephone: (250) 537-0717
Toll-free: 1-888-537-0717

This service is free and confidential.

Do you ever think…

The abuse happened a long time ago, so why talk about it now?

There was no intercourse, so it was not really sexual assault?

You are the only one this person ever abused?

It was your fault the violence or abuse happened?

Do you ever feel…

Each woman has her own response to violence and abuse. Some commone responses for survivors are:

Shame, guilt, self-blame

Fear and anxiety

Sleeping and eating disruptions


Whether you experience all, some or none of these responses, your reaction is normal for you. There is no right or wrong way to respond to violence and abuse.

What may help

You are the best judge of what you need and what is helpful to you.
Finding someone who is safe for you to talk to, such as a Stopping the Violence Counsellor, may be useful.

Call the Stopping the Violence Counsellor

(250) 538.5568
This service is free and confidential