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Check Out Our Spring Newsletter

We invite you to read our latest newsletter for updates about the Cedars Garden program and the September fundraiser for the Cedars Garden fundraiser on Tuesday, September 12. For this fundraiser, we’ll be hosting a Farm to Table supper featuring […]

“Grow For It” Seeds at Transitions Thrift Store, Mar. 30th

Gardeners, did you know that IWAV now sells seeds? Our “Grow For It” program produces seeds for sale to provide funding for food security projects for our residents in our second-stage housing. If you’re dreaming about a gardening project this […]

Announcing Grow For It Seeds!

IWAV is excited to announce the launch of our new social enterprise: Grow For It Seeds! Grow For It is a food gardening project that brings the resident community of our second-stage housing together to participate and learn all aspects […]

Ask IWAV: We Want Your Questions!

To help us better serve our community, we would like to hear your questions! For the next two weeks, Islanders Working Against Violence is inviting community members to ask questions about navigating IWAV’s services for sexual assault (SA), intimate partner […]

December 6th Memorial Ceremony

For the second year in a row, IWAV and The Circle co-hosted the Memorial Ceremony for National Day of Remembrance and Action on Women against Violence via a Facebook Livestream. We were not able to gather in community this year […]

Our Sexual Assault Response Program has Launched!

Sexual assault affects a person in many ways. It can be disorienting, confusing, and frightening trying to get the assistance the survivor most needs. Even trying to get the most basic help can make someone feel vulnerable and afraid. And […]

Our Charcuterie Picnic Fundraiser — A Success!

IWAV is grateful to everyone who participated in the Charcuterie Picnic Fundraiser on September 10 this year. Haidee Hart of Woodshed Provisions and Francis Bread created beautiful and delicious boxes for IWAV. We were able to share these with over […]

Our New Location

We are pleased with our new location at #20 – 132 Corbett Road at Croftonbrook. Our program office is a welcome and safe space for our anti-violence programs – outreach, counselling and sexual assault services.  Our management team is also […]

Charcuterie Picnic Fundraiser 2021: Tickets Now Available

For many years, IWAV has hosted its successful farm to table fundraiser: 10,000 for Change. Last year, we ran a modified home-delivery charcuterie picnic that was well-received and brought some cheer into the summer of 2020. This year, by popular […]

Croftonbrook Phase 3 Groundbreaking 2021!

IWAV is pleased to announce that we have begun construction of the new housing at Croftonbrook. This will be a 34-unit apartment building that will provide housing for people who have a low to moderate income. The mix of suites […]

December 6 Online Memorial Vigil with The Circle

This year, IWAV and The Circle hosted our annual vigil on a Facebook Livestream. We were not able to gather in community this year to light candles and remember the women who were killed in the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre. In addition, IWAV […]

Croftonbrook Phase 2 Opens! 22 New Homes for Seniors Completed

It is with great celebration that we announce that our new building at Croftonbrook is ready!! We have tenants moving in to our new 22-unit apartment building for seniors and people with disabilities. This is a project that we began […]

Shelter Appeal: Thank You to Our Sponsors

Islanders Working Against Violence (IWAV) created a unique fundraiser this year that was both fun and respectful of current social restrictions. In the past 4 years, we have hosted our successful farm to table dinner fundraiser, 10,000 for Change. This […]